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Rais is a survivor of the zombie outbreak and the primary antagonist in Dying Light. He is the leader of a gang which affects the progress of the player's character, and locations of supply caches. His gang protects and monitors the drop locations of supply caches with various load outs which player might use. The gang members are cunning, and tricky, be careful when approaching new items, as well as newly dropped cache crates.


One of the surviving humans after the outbreak along with his brother, Rais, formed his gang. He and his brother were sent by the GRE to restore more information about the zombie infection. Unfortunately Rais' brother was killed, turning Rais into a maniacal, cold-blooded killer, Once Rais was free to create his criminal gang he terrorizes the quarantine area.


Rais lives by taking what he wants and killing any who gets in his way. He is ruthless, cold-blooded , and smart which makes him far more dangerous than any of the zombies.


Rais is voiced by Michael Hollick who also voiced Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV.