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"Dying Light", is an upcoming first-person action survival horror video game developed by Techland. To be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in 2015. The release date for this highly anticipated game has been announced by Techland on the date of January, 27th 2015. A survival horror game set in a vast, and dangerous open world. During the day time player traverses in an expanded urban environment which is overrun by a viral outbreak. You as a player try to survive by scavenging the world for supplies, and weapons to defend yourself against the growing infestation of zombies, with a heavy focus on parkour mechanics. At night, the hunter(player), becomes hunted by zombies, and other more dangerous enemies. Most frightening are the predators which only appear after sundown, because they use sound to detect the player in the surrounding area. Player must use every possible cover to hide, and avoid being detected by the infected, as well as survive till the Daylight.


Players will be able to utilize various parkour movements to help navigate their way around the environments. Combat consists of a mix between melee and ranged weapons. Melee weapons offer an assortment of different upgradable weapons including blunt, blades, and other unusual tools. Melee combos such as spin attacks and drop kicks have been introduced into the combat system. Ranged weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles are powerful, but they attract a lot of unneeded attention. The infected are lured by sound, so you want to be as quiet as possible, unless you like die-hard gameplay. Players will be able to craft different weapons in accordance to the savaged items are found. During the night adds a whole new gameplay experiences, changing the Player's play-style from a Hunter, to the Hunted, facing unknown dangers and avoiding the Infected at night.

Dying Light offers an exclusive PVP mode called Be the Zombie to those who pre-orders the game. In "Be the Zombie, players assume the role of a night hunter a super fast zombie with a special tendril for navigating the environment and battle each other for supremacy.

Game Engine

The game engine that Dying Light uses is called "Chrome Engine 6." Chrome Engine 6 was made to improve gaming experience for gamer's and broadcast the next gen's experience and provide better graphics for next generation consoles from Xbox 360- Xbox 1 and PS3 - PS4.



Further Details of the Release Date

Developer Techland has announced that Dying Light has been delayed and the release date is now due February 2015. Techland states that the delay has been put down in a desire to innovate and they do not want to sacrifice its potential by releasing it to early.and in my opinion the game should take it's time to come out as perfect as it should be. The game was then unexpectedly moved up to January 27.

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Kyle Crane

 Kyle crane is the main character he works for the GRE and the tower his enemy is rais (solamon)  


amhire and rahem and jane die by the end of the game solamon dose too breckon is not solamon breckon is the leader of the tower